The interpreters with InterpretiInRete deal professionally with all the facets of the field − simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, chuchotage, negotiation and dialogue interpreting, community interpreting – and they are available for any type of event: conferences, conventions, meetings, workshops, seminars, formal dinners, company tours and presentations, business talks and B2B, focus groups, escort services for delegations, business needs abroad and telephone and videoconference services.

You can choose between:

  • Simultaneous interpreting e interpreting with mobile audioguide interpreting equipment

  • Consecutive interpreting

  • Chuchotage, or whispered interpreting

  • Business negotiations with dialogue interpreting

  • Language assistance in court

  • Telephone and videoconferences

  • Escorting and company tours

  • Language assistance in trade shows, seminars, cultural events, presentations, and training and refresher courses

  • Escort services for Italian delegations abroad and assistance for foreign delegations in Italy

  • Business needs abroad

  • Managing multilingual conferences and events

  • Language assistance and interpreting for foreigners admitted to public and private health facilities

InterpretiInRete aids their clients in choosing the most appropriate form of interpretation for their needs according to:

  • Type of event and number of participants

  • Number of languages and their combinations

  • Creation of multilingual teams

  • Technical assistance

  • Venue

We are specialists in communication between different languages and cultures, and as such we will be able to find your best communication solution in order to ensure a successful event.

The Directorate-General for Interpretation of the European Commission has drawn up some basic rules for speakers at meetings that require interpretation services. Download the rules at:

Contact us for a customized estimate at: